Anaïs-Tohé Commaret


Of Franco-Chilean origin, I was born in Vitry in July 1992. Coming from a family of political exiles, I never stop filming those who live between several temporalities, several peripheral spaces. This is for me the need to show the disappeared of our time. All of them resist as ghosts and disguise reality to take refuge in ambiguous palaces, bastard products of their imagination and the constraining fictions that society prescribes for them. 

Cradled by South American tales where the ogre is called Pinochet, I am interested in how the imagination gives meaning to a reality that is sometimes violently absurd, even tragic. This questioning, this back and forth between documentary and fiction, involves certain formal processes. The transition from mobile phones to film, from natural settings to ostensibly artificial scenographies, as well as the use of costumes, compose mosaics of vibrant images, where the familiar and the distorted, the everyday and the hallucinatory merge. 

Graduate of ENSBA Paris, resident of Fresnoy in 2021-2022. Personal exhibition Innervision until 10-12-22 at the Galerie Edouard Manet in Genevilliers.