ana·mona servo

Composer, performer & author

As a self-taught artist – composer, performer & author, ana-mona servo “makes” around body(ies) – aesthetic & political – and narrates through various media and devices. Her practices are imbued with queer, feminist & DIY cultures, contemporary occultures, and experiments with music, sound and writing. Her work invokes memories, struggles, sexuality, multiple identities and other short-circuits & glitches from which new mythologies & genealogies can emerge. At the same time, she is also a programmer of cinema and music “from the margins” for the Marseille Underground Film & Music Festival, and other events for which she is solicited, and co-founder of Editions Panpan Culcul.

Les Editions Panpan Culcul is a feminist, queer & pro-sex group. Following in the footsteps of punk fanzinat, it produces with whatever means at hand, (often) collectively & across multiple genres without hierarchizing them: literature, graphic design, essays, comics, photography & other propaganda objects – and summons forgotten archives, silent words, to participate in writing & making visible a history of non-normed sexualities and the creatures that inhabit them.