Alexis Guillier

(1982 – France)

Through his conferences, videos and installations, Alexis Guillier investigates the grey areas of cultural history such as art fraud and the filming of the movie Twilight Zone. His medium of choice is a narrative which combines a documentary dimension with a form of methodical doubt. He has exhibited or given conferences at the Pompidou Centre (2010), 104 (2010), the Palais de Tokyo (2012), the Ricard Foundation (2012), Bétonsalon (2012), MacVal (2013), the Walter Phillips Gallery in the Banff Centre in Canada (2013), at the Belleville Biennale (2014), Le Bal (2014) and at the Onde performing arts theatre in Vélizy (2015).

His projects at Palais de Tokyo :

– La Rumeur des Naufrages
– Urban Legends
– Lundi du Pavillon #7 : Never Ending Stories