Crédit : Sami Chelly

Aïcha Snoussi


Born in 1989 in Tunis, Aïcha Snoussi lives and works in Paris.

Aïcha Snoussi’s work questions notions of identity and the validity of norms and classifications through drawings and installations that mix fictions and archives. By blurring the tracks of reality to show the vestiges or traces of a history that she has reinvented, the artist develops a personal mythology that refers to episodes of our contemporary history (gender identity and migration) while convening a cluster of intimate references. Her work questions the relationship between drawing and the object to history, memories, ruins, and what remains, in organic and poetic arrangements in dialogue with the places invested in situ.

She is the winner of the Sam 2020 Prize for Contemporary Art and the first prize of the Rambourg Foundation of the same year, for her project “underwater” ” ءاملا تحت, ” archaeological fiction around a queer civilization rediscovered on the African coast.

Aïcha Snoussi is represented by the Galerie La La Lande in Paris.

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