Abdeslam Ziou Ziou & Sofiane Byari

Researcher and artist

The investigation presented by Moroccan researcher Abdeslam Ziou Ziou (b. 1986, lives in Casablanca) deals with collective dynamics at the intersection of art history and psychiatry in independent Morocco. More specifically, he investigates how institutional psychotherapy circulated through informal networks, how post-independence Maghrebi psychiatrists reflected on their practices and came to analyze colonial medicine as a dangerous tool that racialized pathologies, building on psychiatrist Frantz Fanon’s work at the Blida clinic in Algeria.

Working together with Moroccan artist Sofiane Byari, Abdeslam Ziou Ziou gives form to the archives that he has conserved and makes them available to the public, proposing a multisensory, affective and political experience that aims to serve as a place for creation and for broadening the imagination.