Monsieur Bleu

Chic, bright, tasty, Monsieur Bleu promises an unforgettable experience not far from the Eiffel Tower

Open 7 days a week, reservation recommended (outside of service hours)
01 47 20 90 47  •  Contact us

Lunch: Monday to Friday 12pm-2:30pm  •  Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm  •  Dinner: 7pm-02am

Mr. Blue’s Garden: 16h-21h

Located within the Palais de Tokyo and perched on the quays of the Seine, just across from the Eiffel Tower, Monsieur Bleu offers straightforward yet appetizing dishes based on fresh regional produce.

Monsieur Bleu is the ideal place to have lunch or dinner, catch up with friends, bust some dance moves beneath its impressively high Art deco ceiling, or on its stunning terrace (as soon as the weather permits) – undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Paris – with an unrivaled, magical view of the Eiffel Tower. A living space and the perfect spot to dine, catch up on some reading, dance the night away with friends, make some new ones … or maybe more, at Monsieur Bleu everything is played out to the frenetic rhythm of the artistic way of life.

Monsieur Bleu is located at the 20, Avenue de New-York 75116 Paris