Originally, the term was an insult. It is gradually being reappropriated by people whose genders and sexualities do not coincide with the heterosexual norm and the male-female binarity. The term expresses a claimed feeling of strangeness towards the norm. “Queer” has thus gradually been defined as the radical political and cultural tinge of the LGBTQI+ banner, breaking away from the struggles of assimilation (access to marriage, adoption). In Sabelo Mlangeni’s photographs, it is a whole “non-standard” community that recreates, in a refuge, an alternative family structure. Richard Kennedy, in all his work, explores and exposes the possibilities of a non-heteronormative, non-gender culture. As for Kudzanai-Violet Hwami, her painting, questioning the intersections of race and gender, bears witness to plural identities, outside patriarchal codes.