Yuri Ancarani

“Da Vinci”: a name evoking the masterpieces of art history, but also a remotely controlled medical robot allowing surgeons to perform operations. In this film, Yuri Ancarani, a filmmaker and artist (born in 1972, lives and works in Milan), takes the viewer inside the human body shown in shades of blue that bring to mind the “grotta azzura”, a mythical underwater cave in Capri. A danse with machines is observed here, signaling not a dehumanized environment but rather human intelligence at work. Quasi-documentary images, devoid of dialogue and focusing on the gesture: these are the distinguishing features of Yuri Ancarani’s films. Besides Da Vinci (2012), his trilogy on the notion of work includes Il Capo (2010), shot in a marble quarry in Carrara and Piattaforma, and Luna (2011), filmed around a deep-sea platform. These three films present extreme professions in which every gesture becomes choreographic and transforms those who perform them into heroes.