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Le Palais des monteurs

[The Handlers’ Palais]
From 13/07/2016 to 11/09/2016

This exhibition at Palais de Tokyo is being put together with the complicity and commitment of a group of individuals – often unknown to the general public – called “handlers”. These are the people who make, assemble and finally bring to life in the spaces of Palais de Tokyo the most audacious projects conceived by artists. Many of these fitters are also artists. Today, Palais de Tokyo has decided to entrust them with 1,500m² so that, as artists, artisans or creators, they can in turn take possession of this place they know so well in their own way. “The Handlers’ Palais” is more than an exhibition, it is a living testimony, a hybrid, generous form, endowed with a singular energy, which allows us at once to discover and to communicate novel practices, but also to acknowledge and thank those who, day after day, make Palais de Tokyo a Palace for Artists.

Curator: Emmanuel Ropers


With : Lena Andonova, Harry Bacto, Alain Barthelemy, Encis Bernadas, Jean-Baptiste Bodiguel, Clitous Bramble, Michaël Camellini, Romain Cattenoz, Alexandre Chevalier, Charlie Chine, Geoffrey Crespel, Adrien De Melo, Estrella Estevez, Vincent Fradet, Hernan Gabriel, Jean-Guillaume Gallais, Célia Gregot, Charles Heranval, Lev Ilizirov, François Jacob, Jean Gloute De Braga, Nicolas Juillard, Baptiste Laurent, Guillaume Lebeaupin, Pierre Lievin, Sylvain Loret, Vincent Madame, Ronan Masson, Benjamin Mathia, François-Alexandre Monfort, Florent Moutti, Noé Nadaud, Samuel Nathan, Johann Ollivier, Outcast, Orion Papleka, Aurélie Perrigault-Michelet, Françoise Perronno, Louis Picard, Jeremy Pierre, François Réau, Damien Roualo, Emmanuel Ropers, Mathieu Rossye, Julia Scorna, Jean- Sébastien Tacher, Philippe Verly, Arnaud Weyh, Yo-Han, Myko Zava

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