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Le Little Palais

By Wilfrid Almendra
From 02/04/2017 to
Le Little Palais, a space measuring almost 120m2 which hosts the famous Tok-Tok workshops, is being metamorphosed thanks to an artwork by Wilfrid Almendra.
The piece “Entitled Light Boiled Like Liquid Soap” is an immersive installation made up of sculptural elements based on recuperated, exchanged or transformed materials. Proliferating tubes covered with plastered strips, as though bandaged, conjure up warmth, inner motion and the familiar sounds of plumbing in a subterranean place, or else a “space for refuge and experiences”. Four plaster platforms suspended from cables recreate the proportions of a domestic space, while the pipes become possible seats. We are at once inside a house, on the roof and in the basement. The tubes that emerge from the floor are accompanied by cables that escape from the walls before running over Palais de Tokyo’s roofs, connected to a transmitter that broadcasts radio waves. It is a living, “liquid” sculpture, the motion of an ungraspable flow circulating in the space, before it escapes into a random world of frequencies.
Curator: Sandra Adam-Couralet
Accessible to all outside the times of the young visitors and family activities.

Conception of this work benefitted from the support of Mécènes du Sud, Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques (FNAGP), Shorefast Foundation and Fogo Island Arts.