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INSIDE CHINA - Hong Kong Station [Extra mural project]

From 11/03/2015 to 02/05/2015

Hong Kong, 3rd March 2015, K11 Art Foundation (KAF) is proud to present “Inside China- L’Intérieur du Géant” their first co-produced exhibition, alongside the Palais de Tokyo to be shown in China. Launching the arts week taking place in Hong Kong around Art Basel, the exhibition will take place in the K11 Art Foundation Pop-up Space in Sheung Wan near Central in Hong Kong. Dedicated to the discovery and presentation of emerging art scenes in China and France, a three year collaboration between the two institutions was set up in October 2014 with this exhibition. The exhibition introduced French audiences to contemporary Chinese artists in dialogue with French artists.

As an evolving and travelling exhibition from Paris to Hong Kong, bringing the works of the Chinese artists back to China and also to introduce the works of French artists to Chinese audience; “Inside China- L’Intérieur du Géant” has grown and will present eleven artists; Cheng Ran, Mathis Collins, Renaud Jerez, Li Gang, Edwin Lo, Jonathan Martin (artist-in-residence of Pavillon Neuflize OBC), Nadar, Aude Pariset, Wu Hao, Yu Ji and Zhao Yao. The exhibition will remain on display in Hong Kong through May, before making its final stop in Shanghai, at the chi K11 Art Museum Shanghai in June 2015.

Co-curated by Jo-ey Tang from the Palais de Tokyo and the KAF selected curator, Wang Chunchen of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing, “Inside China- L’Intérieur du Géant” will feature young contemporary Chinese artists in dialogue with artists from France. In their entirety they represent a new wave of creators, whose work questions the over-production, monumentality and rapid development which they witness in their surroundings, often embedding these challenges into their own systems of production.


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