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Group exhibition
From 16/02/2024 to 30/06/2024

At a time when international geopolitical developments are a palimpsest of times and spaces in crisis, The “Dislocations” exhibition brings together fifteen artists from different generations and backgrounds (Afghanistan, France, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar, Palestine, Syria and Ukraine) whose work is marked or informed by the experience of exile, of being torn between here and there, between past and present. Their practices draw on ancestral know-how and contemporary technologies, humble gestures and poor materials. The aim is to pay homage to the vital necessity and intensity of artistic creation through fragmented narratives that combine displacement, imprisonment and war with resilience and reparation.

At a time when international geopolitical developments are an ever-changing palimpsest of times and spaces in crisis, artists can appear as lookouts, careful to the world’s upheavals and society’s major movements that are as many telluric waves. To be a lookout is to be a witness of one’s time, to deploy the power of one’s imagination by exploring the social and political realities of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Rada Akbar, Survivor and Advocate, "Abarzanan-Superwomen" series, 2020, courtesy of the artist, © ADAGP, Paris, 2024 View of the exhibition "Dislocations", Palais de Tokyo, 16.02-30.06.2024 Photo credit: Aurélien Mole

This project is part of a collaboration between the Palais de Tokyo and the non-profit Portes ouvertes sur l’art, which promotes the work of artists in situations of exile, in a spirit of openness and research. Its aim is to promote and display the work of these artists in collaboration with the art world, organising exhibitions and events at various venues in France. A first invitation from the Palais de Tokyo in 2022 led to the screening programme “L’ami intérieur”.

FROM 16/02/2024 TO 30/06/2024

Artists : Majd Abdel Hamid, Rada Akbar, Bissane Al Charif, Ali Arkady, Cathryn Boch, Tirdad Hashemi, Fati Khademi, Sara Kontar, Nge Lay, Randa Maddah, May Murad, Armineh Negahdari, Hadi Rahnaward, Maha Yammine, Misha Zavalniy


Curators : Marie-Laure Bernadac and Daria de Beauvais

Exhibition assistants : Natacha Marini, Alice Rochepeau

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It is supported by Fairouz Chaarani and

To coincide with the exhibition, Portes ouvertes sur l’art is publishing a book edited by Palais Books.

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