The hidden garden [Les Lundis du Pavillon]


Monday 9 March at 8 pm

The Lundis du Pavillon are a series of monthly events by the Pavillon Neuflize OBC, the Palais de Tokyo research lab. In collaboration with Cité internationale des arts, this event offers to several artists in residency to show their artworks and/or documents, sources, raw materials linked with their works. A way to discover their secret garden in Montmartre.

Artists: Alex Cecchetti, Gaëlle Choisne, Pierre Gaignard, Thibault de Gialluly, Laura Gozlan, Clarisse Hahn, Arash Hanaei, Louis Henderson, Shadi Khries, Marie Losier et Samir Mougas. 

In collaboration with La Cité internationale des arts, Montmartre.