Precious Okoyomon, This God is A Slow Recovery

Thursday 7 october  6 pm 

For This God is A Slow Recovery, Okoyomon focuses their research on failures of communication, and instances where language collapses, breaks down, and arrives at an impasse. As an epitome of miscommunication, the legend of the Tower of Babel was taken as a point of departure to conceive together with musician Chino Amobi and a quartet (Dana Ciocarlie,Diana Ligeti, Yaïr Benaïm, Pierre Génisson) playing the disassembled pieces of Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the end of time. Okoyomon’s Sky songs, a series of poems/prayers to the sky will be read, weaving in and out of the musical accompaniment. Convening poetry, sensory elements, sculpture, light, and sound, the work will celebrate self-expression and champion the value of shared, collective experience.