Playground by Aïda Bruyère — Fanzines workshop

The 16/01/2022 from 14:00 at 17:00

Designed by the artists themselves, the playgrounds offer original events to extend the visitor’s experience around their works, in the heart of the exhibitions.

A fanzine creation workshop with Aïda Bruyère

On the occasion of her exhibition Never Again at the Palais de Tokyo, Aïda Bruyère proposes a workshop on the creation of fanzines. Invented in the 1930s by science fiction fans, fanzines are alternative publications self-published with the means at hand; a tool of expression and dissemination then taken up by the punk and feminist movements and the various alternative scenes.

Aïda Bruyère, a young French artist who grew up in Mali, bases her practice on images. Coming from different sources, transformed then multiplied and presented on the scale of a wall or a book, images are her favorite tool to address issues related to the body and its constructions in the social space.