Nuit des danses perdues [Les Lundis du Pavillon] Hors les murs


The Pavillon’s next evening moves to the Cité des arts in Montmartre. Coordinated by artist Laurent Derobert,  this Monday’s event takes you on a journey into different artistic worlds – as the ateliers open up as mini dance halls – culminating in an open air ball in the gardens of the Norvins site. And the grand finale is a film compilation of different dance genres by Tito Gonzalez. The perfect spring evening…

With Tonino Cavalo, Estelle Delesalle, Juliette Andrea Elie, Justine Emard, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Marie-Luce Nadal, Lei Saïto et Keiichiro Shibuya, Jean-Yves Langlais, Le bal décalé et Philippe Baden Powell.

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