NSDOS As part of La Manutention – Performers in Residence

From 18/10/2018 to 8/11/2018 A date each Thursday on the 18th and 25th of October, 1st and 8th of November, starting at 7pm. The event can be accessed only upon presentation of an entry ticket.
Launched in the autumn of 2017, La Manutention is a new format which encourages exploration and experimentation, by giving artists the opportunity to develop their practices and produce original performances during four evenings spread out over a month, thus allowing the public to discover a piece and follow its evolution.
From 18/10/2018 to 8/11/2018: NSDOS
At once a producer, dancer and hacker, NSDOS has imagined a new sonic and visual order, by unhinging technological tools, and creating a link between machines and matter. He collects living data, using sensors or virtually surrealistic set-ups, then injects them into the rectilinear frame of techno to turn them into an organic matrix. For La Manutention, he is inviting the public to push back the limits of the body, objects and sounds, along with him.
After studying dance, NSDOS, aka Kirikoo Des, sought out how to create sounds across which he could place his movements. He then developed an alternative approach to music – through abstraction. Then came two maxis (2013 and 2015) released by the Parisian label “clekcleckboom recordings”, and the self-produced Money Exchange, in 2016. His first album, Intuition, released in two parts (2017 and 2018) was the successful outcome of this approach. Composed in Alaska, outdoors, inspired by weather stations and according to a principle of “bio feedback”, the artist explored the surrounding elements so as to transform them into data, then into sonic textures, layerings and rhythms.

Thursday 18th October – 7pm

Augmented Tattoo – with Olivia Jasinski, Ingrid Denise, Briana Bray, Zoé Chauvrat and Maylis Magescas

Sending.movement 1.0 – with Theoriz Studio

Manaré (DJ set)


Thursday 25th October  – 7pm

Switch – with Dmitry Paranyushkin


TEZ (DJ set)


Thursday 1st November – 7pm

Inside Data – with Physs

Binaural Experience – with Antoine Bertin



Thursday 8th November – 6pm


Aerodynamika (live)

Renart (live)

PPP Sound System (djs)

Colin Johnco (live)

+ special guests



Continuous video installation

Processing – Julien Gonthier



 Curator: Vittoria Matarrese