Moleskine Detour 2.0 Paris

From 09/02/2022 to 20/02/2022

A journey through creative catalysts

The Moleskine Detour experience is an exceptional gathering of 136 works on a Moleskine notebook created by artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, musicians, illustrators and writers, Parisian and of international acclaim, donated to the Moleskine Foundation to support its mission of Creativity For Social Change.

Participating artists reflect on the role of creativity as a catalyst for positive change in the world. Each notebook-based artwork tells a different story, a dream or a project, a distinctive way of being and relating to the world. In extreme cases, the only thing left of the notebook is the skin; in other cases, it has been absorbed into a broader work of art—it has been burnt, torn apart, rebuilt or regenerated. The notebook is the device, the limit, the origin.

Explore and discover each author’s creative process as it unfolds on the blank pages of the notebooks on display.

Free entrance

Notebooks of Moleskine Detour 2.0 Paris