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The 15/01/2022 from 16:45 to 17:45

Martinican artist, choreographer and performer Annabel Guérédrat, presents the performative concert MamiSargassa 2.0, accompagnied by guitarist Ralph Lavital and drummer Daniel Dantin.

MamiSargassa 2.0, a creation in trio, gives body, voice and form to the eponymous Afro-Futurist tale written in Martinican Creole, French, English and Spanish, by the artist. This performative piece is part of the larger project Ensargasse-moi, a series of performances that Annabel Guérédrat has been carrying out as burial rituals in fresh sargassum, a toxic algae, since 2017. Therein, the artist questions her relationship to toxicity, her ecofeminism and its connection with Dark Ecology. A video, made during two residencies at Homo Saragassum and at the Cité Internationale des Arts, captures these moments of engulfment.

“We are in 2083, in a desert island inside the Caribbean area. This island was used to be called (before, a long time ago): Martinique. But because of the years and centuries of colonization, contamination, occupation and tourism, no human, no animals, no plants exist anymore. Just sargassum, toxic seaweed, had survived. Even Manman Dlo did not survy anymore. A new entity, a kind of avatar takes place: who keeps the human form of a woman, genetically modified, stays in this beach during days and nights, nights and days: Manman Sargassa.”

Annabel Guérédrat

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