Panneau black live matter à Saint Louis , Missouri, USA en novembrer 2015


The 12/01/2022 from 20:00 at 21:00

A reading textured by Peggy Pierrot, highlighted (voice and sound) by Sébastien Alazet.

Peggy Pierrot and Sébastien Alazet create sounds and radio broadcasts irregularly since the early 2000s.

Mon passé se colle à moi comme l’emplâtre d’une plaie.

Jules Vallès

There are those who create and those who destroy
Get into a bath of rum or get involved,
the camera or the stick.

L’Emplâtre d’une plaie (a wound plastered) is a journey to the bottom of the hold. It follows the stories of characters tossed about by the bad winds of history and the injustices that blow on their destinies.
The Black Atlantic surf sometimes brings them back to the shores of their childhood.
Facing high winds, some of them think bigger, get involved while others perpetuate the established order. Ye krik!