Crédit : audrey liebot

I still feel you #1 - audrey liebot

The 30/03/2023 from 19:00 to 21:00

Around an embroidery, guests graft themselves, attracted by the repetition of the same gesture. Several lais unfold, worn, touched, quilted; skins mingle with the fabric; drawings rub shoulders: copies, traces, altered. Sewing is consolatory, but the act is intrusive: the needle, in the body of the fabric, obliges to remake, and always return to the beginnings. The piece is a work of patience, between voids and physical presences that impact the space, small things remain and tell the time it takes to heal. I still feel you is a verification: the addictive power of embroidery, needle stick after needle stick, sewing as a suture, the heart activity of this gesture, supported by a techno beat. The three openings of the residency are an invitation to get closer: to lean on this strange body, to share time, to connect, to mix the electrical signals of a single gesture.

La Manutention

Launched in fall 2017, La Manutention is a residency program dedicated to performing artists.

audrey liebot is invited in residence for one month. The artist meets the public once per week in the spaces of the Palais de Tokyo. These performative evenings allow the public to discover their world and those of their guests, while offering the opportunity to follow the evolution of their work.

Conception, artistic direction audrey liebot

Sound, video and device creation Thibault Villard

Sound creation, music Romain Poirier

Light creation Jérémie Papin, assisted by Victor Inisan

Performers Elie Autin, Natasza Gerlach, Simon Guélat, audrey liebot, Romain Poirier, Wesley Roque, Thibault Villard

And with the participation of Giorgio Fichera, Nguyên Lê Hoàng

Support Swiss Embassy in France, the Swiss Performing Artists Foundation SIS