Richard Kennedy Fubu Fukú Performance Documentation July 16 & 17, 2020 Trauma bar und Kino, Berlin Courtesy Peres Projects (Berlin) © Dareos Khalili


The 27/11/2021 from 20:00 at 21:30

Participative performance by Richard Kennedy

For their participative performance EVAR (an anagram of ‘rave’), artist, Richard Kennedy creates a dancefloor in the centre of the Palais de Tokyo. In collaboration with activist Kyle Kidd (Cleveland), dancers Asia James (Berlin), Saint Precious (Berlin), and DJ TT (New York), and through different modes of engagement using architecture, sound, and the physical body, Richard Kennedy connects two spaces that are essential for social interaction and the presence of subcultures, namely the club and the art centre. This dance workshop is open to all and is imagined as a space of liberation, care, hospitality and visibility for people who tend to be absent or excluded from cultural institutions. EVAR, this immersive opera-rave in three acts, constructs and deconstructs a Queer physical space, oscillating between movements and lucid dreams of the night.


Participants : Richard Kennedy, Kyle Kidd, Asia James, Saint Precious et Dj TT.

Scenography : Marcelo Alcaide


This performance is made possible thanks to the support of Peres Projects (Berlin).