From 21/04/ 2017 to 23/04/2017 Friday, April 21 6 p.m. – midnight Saturday, April 22 Noon – Midnight And 11 p.m. – 6 a.m.: DO DISTURB night at YOYO Sunday, April 23 Noon – 6 p.m.
For its 3rd edition, the festival DO DISTURB is once again putting Palais de Tokyo into a state of effervescence, by day and night, on April 21, 22 and 23, 2017.
The programme of this edition features over 40 propositions at the crossroads of dance, performance, theatre and music: fresh creations, pieces new to France as well as performances which are being specially revived.
This year, DO DISTURB is pursuing its policy of inviting cultural partners from France and abroad. After having collaborated, for its first edition, with such major institutions as the MoMA PS1 or Tate Modern and, for its second edition, with French and foreign art schools, this year DO DISTURB is presenting a collaboration with some of the world’s most dynamic performance and live show festivals:
Actoral (Marseille, France) with projects by Miet Warlop, Thomas Mailandaer and Alexander Vantournhout
Camping – CND (Pantin, France) with a project by Lorenzo de Angelis
Dias Da Dança (Porto, Portugal) with a project by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Santarcangelo Festival (Italy) with projects by Silvia Gribaudi and Francesca Grilli
TBA Festival – Time-Based Art Festival (Portland, USA) with a project by Dorothée Munyaneza & Holland Andrews
Finally, for the musical and festive programme on the night of Saturday April 22, Palais de Tokyo is inviting the unmissable Nuits sonores (Lyon, France) which in May 2017 will celebrate its 15th birthday.

Along with this invitation to festivals, Palais de Tokyo is also requesting French and foreign artists to create and present their most ardent ideas and projects:

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins: The Tremble ; US Swerve

Rochdi Belgasmi: Zoufri

Jacopo Belloni: Peripezia n°1: l’ostacoliere ; Festa con piccola tragedia

Julie BénaTweedledee, the zombie and the mermaid

Rotten Bliss: The Nightwatchman Sings

Eglè Budvytytè: Shaking Children
(in collaboration with Bart Groenendaal)

Benedetto Bufalino: Le terrain de basket du Palais de Tokyo  
(at the proposition of Jean-Christophe Arcos)

Boris Dambly (RE:c): The Blind Boxing Brides
(at the proposition of Stéphanie Pécourt)

Lorenzo De Angelis: Haltérophile
(at the proposition of Camping – CND)

Laurent Goldring: ALTER EGO

Piero Golia
(at the proposition of Pier-Paolo Pancotto)

Célia Gondol: Slow

Silvia Gribaudi: A corpo libero
(at the proposition of Santarcangelo Festival)

Francesca Grilli: The Forgetting of Air
(at the proposition of Santarcangelo Festival)

Séverin Guelpa: The Big Breath

Thomas Mailaender: Soupe à l’oignon
(at the proposition of Actoral)

Jacopo Miliani: A slow dance without name ; Throwing balls at night

Dorothée Munyaneza & Holland Andrews: Fireball Lily

Musarc: Les tableaux vivants
(with Sam Belinfante, Ben Hadley, Neil Luck, Joseph Kohlmaier, TONGUE & Sarah Kate Wilson. Music director: Cathy Heller Jones.)

Simon Pfeffel: I will carry YOU
(at the proposition of Jean-Christophe Arcos)

Nicolas Puyjalon: Mont analogue

aalliicceelleessccaannnnee&soonniiaaddeerrzzyyppoollsskkii: 是中国人

Lara Schnitger: Suffragette City

Pablo Tomek: PalaisInstaResidency + Peintures Vivantes

Naama Tsabar: Untitled (double face)

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha: Oxidation Machine
(at the proposition of Festival DDD – Dias Da Dança)

Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck: How I try to achieve several difficult things at the same time

Alexander Vantournhout: Aneckxander
(with Bauke Lievens. At the proposition of Actoral)

John Wood and Paul Harrison: Boat, Board, Legged, Device

Miet Warlop: Nervous Pictures   
(at the proposition of Actoral)

Tori Wrånes

The selection of projects BYOP (Bring your own performance) will bring some surprises !
(With : Medhi Besnainou, Alexis Chrun, Rafaela Lopez, Amandine Maas, Nid Gâté, Nouvelle Collection Paris, Julie Sas et YOURS)

General curator of the festival: Vittoria Matarrese