DJ Mix by Jay Ramier

The 06/01/2022 from 19:00 at 21:00

In the frame of ‘‘Ubuntu, a lucid dream’’ and ‘’Keep the fire burning (Gadé, Difé, Limé)’’, the Library of Things We Forgot to Remember hosts artist Jay Ramier to activate the turntables and spin the exposed vinyls with the music of the Creole rhythms of the 1980s, sources of inspiration for his exhibition Keep the fire burning (Gadé, Difé, Limé).

Artist considered as one of the pioneers of French hip-hop, a creolised and postcolonial movement, Jay Ramier observes the intersection of black diasporas through music considered as “a privileged vector in terms of spirituality, but also a social, philosophical and political discourse.” Jay Ramier’s generation is that of Kompa, soukouss, Gwo Ka, the moonwalk, the beginnings of hip-hop and graffiti, the apogee of free radios like Radio Nova, the jazz rock nights of the Bataclan and “Chez Roger boite Funk”, the jam sessions of Dee Nasty, the Paco Rabanne centre and the scratches of GrandMixer D.ST on the track “Rock It” by jazzman Herbie Hancock.

The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember

The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember, presented for the first time in France, is a project by artist Kudzanai Chiurai. The extensive collection of archives, mostly sound, on view in this library constitutes the soundtrack of the struggles for civil rights and liberation movements in the global south. This space of hospitality, considered a liberated zone, regularly hosts DJ-sets and a series of sessions that intersect speech, poetry, performance and music, focusing on practices and imaginaries in resistance.