Crédit: Julia Champerret

Sound creation by Paloma Colombe

The 09/11/2023 at 19:00

Passengers on the “Vaisseau Infini”, part two

Paloma Colombe offers an original sound creation, performed live on the turntables, with the non-literal evocation of the work of Dalila Dalleas Bouzar mixing music and sound extracts. The idea is to resonate with Dalila’s work somewhere in the time immemorial of Tassili, or perhaps in the future.

References used for sound creation






  • Le Tassili des Ajjer, Malika Hachid
  • Tassili N’ajjer, Jean-Dominique Lajoux
  • Vers d’autres Tassilis, H.Lhote, Arthaud
  • À la découverte des fresques du Tassili,  H.Lhote, Arthaud

Tickets for this event will give access to all the exhibitions of the Palais. This event will take place at La Grande Rotonde.