Launch of the new issue "Raconter" by Perspective magazine

The 28/11/2022 at 19:00

Published by the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), the journal Perspective is dedicated every six months to a transversal thematic. As a reference tool, it publishes original, historiographical and critical texts by leading specialists on the approaches, orientations and issues that are the focus of current international research in art history.

On November 28, the Palais de Tokyo welcomes the magazine Perspective for the launch of its new issue “Raconter”, as well as one of its contributors; Hortense Belhôte.

Wherever an image appears, whether fixed or animated, figurative, aniconic, material or mental, a history and a way of arranging the narrative emerge. The image and the art object relate, and these narratives do not cease to generate narratives: fictions or legends, scientific articles or dreamy ramblings, dialogues of works between them or soliloquies of spectators. Whether it is the narratives on which the works of art are based, those constituted by their viewers or the narratives created by art historians, this issue intends to seize the act of telling as a fertile heuristic tool. Thus, the specialists gathered here question, from the Middle Ages to the present, the relationships of different media – image, printed text, exhibition or video – and artistic mediums – settings, manuscripts, painting, architecture, performance, comics, sequential arts, cinema… – to history and art histories.

Directeur de publication : Éric de Chassey

Rédaction en chef : Marine Kisiel et Matthieu Léglise

Coordination scientifique du n° 2022-2 :  Anne-Orange Poilpré

Comité scientifique : Laurent Baridon, Jérôme Bessière, Olivier Bonfait, Marion Boudon-Machuel, Esteban Buch, Véronique Dasen, Dominique de Font-Réaulx, Rossella Froissart, Vincent Guichard, Christian Joschke, Anne Lafont, Antoinette Le Normand-Romain, Olivier Meslay, Philippe-Alain Michaud, France Nerlich, Pierre Rosenberg, Alain Schnapp, Victor I. Stoichita, Isabel Valverde Zaragoza.

Comité de rédaction :

Francesca Alberti, Basile Baudez, Philippe Bettinelli, Vivian Braga dos Santos, Baptiste Brun, Jean-Sébastien Cluzel, Sophie Cras, Servane Dargnies-de Vitry, Nikolaus Dietrich, Pierre-Olivier Dittmar, Charlotte Foucher Zarmanian, Jean-Marie Gallais, Jérémie Koering, Hélène Leroy, Anne-Orange Poilpré, Nancy Thebaut.

Responsable éditoriale : Katia Bienvenu

Secrétariat de rédaction et coordination éditoriale : Marie Caillat

Relecture : Marc Budin

Iconographie et suivi administratif : Cloé Brosseau

Conception graphique et mise en pages : Anne Desrivières

Édition :


360 pages and 180 illustrations

ISBN : 978-2-917902-47-9 | 25 €

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