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Creation of a monumental extramural work in the tunnel of the Duplex A86

For the first time, LASCO PROJECT, route of urban arts nested in the Palais de Tokyo’underground passages, goes out of its walls to spread in the tunnel of the Duplex A86, connecting Rueil-Malmaison with Vélizy, on the West from Paris.

The Argentine artist Felipe Pantone – born in 1983 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and living in Valencia (Spain) -, was invited by Palais de Tokyo, in partnership with VINCI highways, to realize a hypnotic work inside this tunnel, in a zone of 4000 m2 usually inaccessible to the public, and nicknamed «Concrete cathedral » because of its monumental dimensions. Sunday May 22, 2016, on the occasion of the first «Party of the highway», the public was able to reach the zone, between 9 am and noon, to discover this work.

Curator: Hugo Vitrani


This exhibition is realised with VINCI AUTOROUTES

“I try to make my work be a reflection of my experiences and the way I look at the world. The Internet and technology have turned the world into a much more dynamic and connected place. I try to recall this feeling in my work by using certain elements and dynamic compositions.”  Felipe Pantone, interview published in Juxtapoz, September 2015