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We wish to thank all our current exhibition partners

Dioramas | 14 june - 10 sept 2017

Le Rêve des formes | 14 june - 10 sept 2017

They support Palais de Tokyo all year round

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Members of Tokyo Art Club Entreprises

UBS, Longchamp, Gecina, Société Générale, France Lanord & Bichaton, SIIFFA, HEREZIE, M.A.C COSMETICS, Nomination, Peclers Paris, Arthur D.Little


Media partners


"Throughout this year working in co-production with Palais de Tokyo, Orange has been able to establish itself in its role of "digital partner of culture". This project has enabled us to consolidate our strategic commitments, while working with artists."

Armelle Pasco, Director of Cultural Partnerships at Orange, on the Push Your Art initiative

"By organizing the Canson Prize® award ceremony at Palais de Tokyo, we have found a venue that is continuously exploring contemporary art, its energy and diversity."

Stéphane Hamelin, CEO Groupe Hamelin

"The sharpness of the picture and the flexibility of use of the equipment have become essential, given the way in which artists push technical boundaries. [...] As such, the Palais de Tokyo’s exhibitions represent extraordinary laboratories for NEC."

Sandrine Rato, Marketing and Communication Manager at NEC

"Our showcases attach great importance to sound quality and the capabilities of the scenography. The Yoyo meets all our expectations, and all the while occupying a prime location, within this temple of creation loved by artists and opinion leaders alike."

Sébastien Perrier, Director of Communication and Partnerships at Sony Music France, on the Creative Live Sessions

"By keeping our staff up-to-date about the events the Palais de Tokyo organises through our organisation, we’ve started to feel a deep sense of pride, and are taking an additional step towards the outside world."

Michel Janneau, Secretary General of the Louis Roederer Foundation

"Our job is to help our clients communicate differently, and here we sensed a melting pot of exciting innovations. Each time we organise an event at Palais de Tokyo, there are always more people present than at the same event organised elsewhere."

Frédéric Bedin, Chairman of the board of Hopscotch Global PR Group, a member of the Tokyo Art Club Enterprises 

"This was a very nice way to push the boundaries and be confronted by an artist for a short moment, as our visions are diametrically opposed."

A Swarovski employee, following an encounter with an artist at the Palais de Tokyo

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