Concert Hall

All artists Ranjit Bhatnagar (1968)
Ranjit Bhatnagar works with interactive and sound installations, scanner photography, and internet-based collaborations. Recent works have been exhibited at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, Parc d’Aventures Scientifiques in Belgium, Flux Factory in Queens, Eyebeam Atelier, Pratt Institute in New York, and the Mermaid Show in Brooklyn. He recently taught “Mister Resistor” at Parsons School of Design, a studio course on homemade musical instruments.

Frédéric Durieu  (1967)
Frédéric Durieu is an artist, engineer, programmer, and is considered to be a pioneer of web art. He creates taylor-made interactive experiences in the form of installations that react to the public’s input.

Julien Gasc (1980)
Julien Gasc is a composer, musician and singer songwriter. Between 2003 and 2013 he performed and collaborated with Hyperclean, Stereolab, Aquaserge, Laanditia Sadier, April March, Bertrand Burgalat, Damo Suzuki, Makoto Kawabata, and Holden. He also collaborated on installation and film works with Bruno Persat, Jean Barberis, Marie Losier. Friendship is an aesthetic encounter that influences his work.

Sunita Prasad (1984)
Sunita Prasad is a New York City-based artist. Her projects draw from research on social histories and multiple publics, inserting heightened fictional elements or hyperbolized versions back into those histories and communities online and in public space. Sunita was a member of the now-defunct radical cultural collective Red Channels. She received a BFA in Film from NYU and an MFA in Photography from RISD. Her work has been shown in galleries, festivals, and performance venues internationally.

Lili Maya (1968) and James Rouvelle (1968), live and work at New York/Baltimore
maya.rouvelle is a collaboration between Lili Maya and James Rouvelle that began in 2009 in New York. Their work integrates traditional and emerging media into installations that change over time, revealing process of experimentation, observation, discovery and improvisation that respond to environmental variables. Electronic media, fixtures of contemporary culture, add a material and conceptual dimension to their projects.

Nick Yulman (1980)
Nick Yulman works with sound and interactive media in a variety of contexts, including installation art, oral history, and music. He has presented his work at venues in New York and beyond, including the ISE Cultural foundation, Smack Mellon, Flux Factory, UnionDocs, the Museum of the Moving Image, and the Coney Island Museum. He is currently developing Bricolo, a modular mechanical music system that allows musicians to turn physical objects into computer controllable automated instruments.

Rabid Hands (Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels (1982), Andrew Shrock (1986), VnessWolfCHild (1982) and Ben Wolf (1983)) is an art collective that constructs massive-scale works of art throughout abandoned buildings. They organize artists and performers to overtake those spaces with installations of epic proportions that parasite onto the existing architecture and overlap with one another to disorient the geography of space and create a cacophony of experiences that force the audience into the present moment.

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels is a Tennessean-Australian- American based in Brooklyn. From discarded housing materials, she makes large-scale construction installations that are submerging environments built into existing architecture with a sense of placelessness, awkward entrances, and inviting nooks. Her abstracts structures made of layers of other similar structures, explores how specific qualities of constructed environments create experiential constructs.

Andrew Schrock
Andrew Schrock is a multi-faceted artist, ambitiously delving into all realms of creativity. His endeavors include tearing apart freight trains, tug boats, hacking fire hydrants, exploding sculptures, deconstructed and reconstructed, adventures into the metaphysical, and breathing, for the sake of realizing fantasy, experimental thinking, and an understanding of the multi-universe.

VnessWolfCHild is a musician and interactive ritual healing performance artist who uses installation, sound, video, and movement, to create performances uncovering, understanding and integrating subtle aspects of existence. Most recent works deal with the experience of the relationship between being in a physical, spiritual and emotional body while existing in the presence of urban industry and architecture. Through life and art Vness is on a mystical quest to absolve herself from suffering by riding the wondrous love joy train into the depths of the collective heart.

Ben Wolf
Ben Wolf’s sculptural practice is installation-driven, creating a specific space that gives life to material and shape, color and space. He uses various techniques from carpentry, welding, and casting, to general assembly of chaos, often times dragging in over-sized hordes from the depths of abandonment. His latest solo show was a site-specific installation at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, an abstract realization of nature diminishing structure.